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James Reese was born on eastern Long Island. He attended the University of Notre Dame and the State University of New York at Stony Brook, where he received an MA in Theatre. More recently, James returned to graduate school at the University of South Florida, earning MAs in Applied Linguistics and French.

While still an undergraduate at Notre Dame, James had a play staged off-Broadway at the Actors Repertory Theatre. After graduation, he lived in New York, New Orleans and Key West, holding various jobs in the non-profit sector, working on behalf of the arts and the environment, while continuing to write. James has been a full-time writer since the publication of the New York Times-bestselling The Book of Shadows in 2002.  Presently, Reese resides in Paris, France.



“It’s marvelous to have one so eloquent exploring and transcending the gothic genre.”


“James Reese’s startling second novel is filled with magic and heartbreak, eerie, unforgettable characters and the heady atmosphere of a bygone era brought deftly to life. It is a sumptuous feast for the senses.”


“A novelist of immense talent and promise.”


“Expertly researched, lavishly detailed and lushly written…an atmosphere so vivid you can smell it, and remarkably striking characters.”



“With James Reese’s vivid and chilling novel, readers will gain a whole new appreciation of two gothic landmarks, Dracula and Jack the Ripper. Not only does The Dracula Dossier grip us with its fast paced hunt for history’s most notorious killer, it also enchants us with sophisticated and lyrical recreations of its unique period and strong characters. A daring achievement.”

“The Dracula Dossier is as powerful in its imagination as it is in its dedication to historical detail and social reflection. But what’s more is that it’s a damn good thriller. James Reese creates a world here that had me mesmerized from chapter one. With Bram Stoker and Jack the Ripper along for the ride, you can’t go wrong with this book.”



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